Thursday, November 25, 2010

GOSSIP - Part 4 "The Gossip Columnist"



RANDY LINSY, one of our STARS OF TOMORROW, wrote to say we had goofed on him. He is 5', 11" not 5', 3" as we had printed. Sorry we goofed Randy, since 8" can make or break a person.

PETER FINCH's death was a real tragedy and unexpected. He was full of pep and vinegar and he jogged daily. This is how he died, having a heart attack after jogging in Beverly Hills. I had seen Peter on Hollywood Boulevard (before "NETWORK" opened), and he was walking, unrecognized. Then he took one of his own pictures in one of those coin-operated photo machines. I regret not having spoken to him but I thought this might have been an embarrassing moment for him, taking his own picture.

SYLVESTER STALLONE was up for the lead in "KING OF THE GYPSIES," but the role went to ERIC ROBERTS, a perfect choice and a film that got him the attention of Hollywood.

SINATRA's mother died, whom I never knew, so we decided not to print the FRANK SINATRA, JR., expose. See, we often do have scruples.

REX REED told me SUE MENGERS is more known than JOYCE HABER. He said he waded through the snow to buy a copy of the New York Post to see what Ms. Haber had said about him, after he had received so many phone calls. When I asked her if the newspaper had quoted her comments correctly, she replied, "Yes, but they left the best ones out."

JOYCE HABER said CHARLES MANSON had been in numerous sexual videotapes, which were at the Tate home, and a group of actor participants put up a ransom of $25,000 to get them back from the police.

NOTE: JOYCE HABER was a gossip writer for the Los Angeles Times and also a best selling author of 'THE USERS," which was also a success and made into a TV movie. Agent SWIFTY LAZAR was her literary agent until they had a falling out. She divorced her husband after finding him in bed with a man!

I saw JOHNNY (the RIFLEMAN) CRAWFORD, peddling his ass on Santa Monica Boulevard.........on his ten speed.

Aother guy seen walking down Santa Monica Boulevard (L.A.'s gay cruising area), was RICHARD GERE.

The gal who put the SAL MINEO MURDER trial on the back pages, when she started her Palimony suit against LEE MARVIN, (Michelle Triola Marvin), was caught shoplifting $200 in merchandise at a Beverly Hills store.

Art forgers have been arrested for making forged reproductions of paintings by RED SKELTON. Over 8,000 reproductions were seized by postal inspectors. The reproductions were valued at more than one million dollars. Three persons were arrested and charged in Federal Fraud complaints.

The new United Artists offices in the Medical Building on Hollywood Boulevard (they remodeled the whole floor before moving in), weren't aware that the wood paneling in those other offices was from the home of LOUELLA O. PARSONS, the famous gossip monger. This came from my doctor, in the same building, Dr. Warren Sheley. (Note: The Medical building has been completely gutted (2002) with new construction underway.)

My favorite singer, JIM STAFFORD, (who has to be the sexiest male singer around), co-stars with CLINT EASTWOOD, in "ANY WHICH WAY YOU CAN." Stafford will also sing a song he wrote, "COW PATTY." I wish to hell he would stop singing those silly songs and write something serious. The guy has talent that is being wasted. He's also on a show about animals. No, it's not ANIMAL KINGDOM, it's the one with PRISCILLA PRESLEY. I'd sure like to get some beefcake shots of STAFFORD. Too bad he is married to sexie BOBBIE GENTRY.

Former actor and head of PARAMOUNT STUDIOS, BOB EVANS, pled guilty to a cocaine charge. Evans, the self made millionaire prior to starting a brief movie career, (then into the top position of studio head), was arrested with his brother, Charles Evans, and their brother-in-law, Michael Shure. They were in possession of five ounces of cocaine. The charge they pled guilty to is only a misdemeanor and could result in a year in jail. I wonder if Evan's frequent house guest, ALAIN DELON, is also a cocaine user? One of Delon's ex-girlfriends had told actor, CHRISTOPHER JONES, that Alain did murder one of his bodyguards, as he had been questioned about many years ago. The gal said Alain had the nick-name, the butcherer, because, she alleged, he cut the body up in small pieces. I wonder if the gal was lying?

Was that ALDO RAY using a disabled persons bus pass the other day? Three years ago we warned him to stop boozin'. He needs help. Maybe GALE STORM ("MY LITTLE MARGIE") can help? She's been in enough alcohol rehab programs herself. (NOTE: Both Aldo and Gale are deceased).

CNR. this seems to be the personalized license plates for CHARLES NELSON REILLY. A caller tells us he saw a car with this license plate on it and inside was Charles Nelson Reilly, masturbating! This was supposed to have happened on Santa Monica Boulevard...around August 1st. (Well, haven't you heard of one for the road?). The caller said he couldn't believe his eyes and went back for a second look and sure enough, it was Charlie.

It seems like only yesterday I saw DON "RED" BARRY, (the western actor) cruising Hollywood Boulevard. I was a doorman at the famous Grauman's Chinese Theater, after having newly arrived in town. I used to spend a lot of time walking down Hollywood streets, taking in the sights. I had recognized Barry when he was walking near 'Frederick's of Hollywood.' He was wearing very tight Levis and he made sure his cock was showing. I recall he was quite drunk and he was cruising me! I quickly ambled down the street. A few weeks later, church services were being held at the theater on Sunday mornings. I don't recall the circumstances surrounding that, but anyway, Red Barry was there....wearing a suit. He didn't remember me or if he had, he didn't show it. He met a concession stand girl who was working there and they married. I know before he died, he was a member of a church in the Wilshire District. And a few years later, he had helped me locate actor, SUNSET CARSON. I also remember seeing Barry drive his pick-up truck, up and down Santa Monica Boulevard. But, he's gone now after committing suicide.

I finally got around to seeing JAN-MICHAEL VINCENT'S new film, "DEFIANCE," and I think it's his best acting job to date. Unfortunately, due to the Chicano/Mexican violence, it won't be seen in this area, so I was told. (I saw it at a screening). Jan looks much groovier with short hair. He had short hair in "BUSTER AND BILLIE," which has become a cult film. This is my all time favorite Jan-Michael film.

Jan's former agent, DICK CLAYTON and Dick's current client, BURT REYNOLDS, both went to the same acupuncturist for their back problems. Dick was James Dean's agent after Jane Deacy.

An eight month probe into illegal ELVIS PRESLEY recordings led to the seizure of thousands of bootleg records. Agents raided the Staten Island home of John Greco, turning up over 50,000 Presley discs in his basement. Presley bootleg LPs turned up in Memphis at a Presley Convention. More than 1,700 LPs were seized at that time.

I heard JOHNNY CARSON is scared to death of going bald on TV. He's looking like one of the Smothers Brothers. Johnny had recent problems with his pool. Weeds plugged up the plumbing pipes and his house flooded. He was home, alone, and watched the plumbers as they fixed up the place. No servants, or wife. Just the plumbers.

I saw GOMER PYLE, I mean JIM NABORS, at JOE ALLENS...and he was with a "woman." Gomer, I mean Jim, is very friendly and everyone there had to say, "Hi," to him, including myself. But, I wonder why he kept watching me?

KRISTY McNICHOLS is living with LIBERACE's gay niece, INA LIBERACE, so I have been told by many people. A guy is also alleged to have taken pictures of the two and Kristy grabbed the camera and jerked out the film. But, they were also seen sitting side by side on a float in the Hollywood Christmas parade

JOHN TRAVOLTA has been visiting JAMES BRIDGES (director) and that other guy who played Jimmy Olsen on the TV Superman series (Jack Larson), who now lives in the guest house. Anyhow, one of them was supposed to have been actor, MONTGOMERY CLIFT's lover! Know which one? And in the last issue we said we heard, from New York, that JOHN TRAVOLTA came out of the closet too. (Note: James Bridges died a few years ago. He had written and directed, "9/30/55," the day James Dean died. He also directed Travolta in "Perfect,"?

Tapes released to an editor of a newsletter called Accuracy In Media, stated that actress JEAN SEBERG, was seven months pregnant, which was believed to be Raymond Hewitt's, a Black Panther member. Seberg had been an active supporter of the black nationalists. Following the actresses suicide, ROMAIN GARY, her husband, stated the baby was his and that the FBI had wanted to besmirch Seberg. On one of the tapes, Seberg told two Black Panther Party members that she was pregnant by an official of the party and not her husband, author/diplomat, Gary.

"Come up and see me sometime." You might hear that line again, but not from Ms. West. She had a stroke and can't talk.

WHATEVER happened to JANE RUSSELL's son? The one who was charged with murder? His name is ROBERT WATERFORD. The information I got was, he had the charge reduced from 2nd degree murder to manslaughter. Oscar Hernandez was the victim in Santa Maria, California. Did Robert ever go to prison? Anyone knowing the answer, please write us. Robert was a pretty -son of a bitch. (That's just an expression folks.)

LINDA RONSTADT was in a porno film! The film was titled, "The Model Killers." The man who made the film was John Harris. He was last reached at (213) 462-1099. The film was made around 1971. As far as her role goes, there are conflicting stories. One said she was actually giving head. (Great shades of Pamela and Paris). This is alleged to have been the producer himself, who made the statement. Another associate said she was in the film, that there are sex scenes in the film, as well as nudity, but that Linda wasn't in the sex scenes. We are trying to get a 16mm print, and when we do, we will print what there is of Linda. But, it is confirmed, she was in the movie. How's that grab you Mr. Brown? Linda is the only one of the many stars who made cheap films prior to making it big. An executive at MGM once told me he had seen a porno film of DEBBIE REYNOLDS and AGNES MOOREHEAD. Last week another caller said that movie could be viewed by me...if I wanted to see it.

Comedian GEORGE CARLIN was thrown through the windshield of his car in Dayton, Ohio, when his car hit a utility pole. He was treated for a broken nose and facial cuts. Better stay away from those smokes George.

NICK NOLTE is in a bit of trouble. Seems he's accused of running out on a lease on Doheny Drive, leaving a balance of $12,000 in unpaid rent.

The years have passed and still no clues as to the killer of VICTOR KILIAN, The "Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman," flasher who was murdered in his apartment.

J.R. (LARRY HAGMAN), was bitten by a dog while jogging in Baja, California. No, the dog didn't get rabies. The dog also bit a cop who shot him....not J.R., but the dog.

CHRIS JAGGER, (Mick's brother) and his wife stopped by Kenneth Kendall's home on their way to Mexico. Kenneth took them to the Huntington library which they fully enjoyed. A cover photo on Chris's record album was taken inside Kenneth's studio. Kenneth created the James Dean bust at the Griffith Park Observatory where "Rebel Without a Cause," scenes were shot. Kenneth died in September 2006.

MICKEY ROONEY's former attorney, David Williams, is being charged with Forgery and Grand theft. Williams is charged with forging Rooney's name to a $10,000 check issued to Rooney. The criminal action is in addition to a civil suit against Rooney's former attorney.

JAN-MICHAEL VINCENT has changed his home phone number. I guess he is pissed because we did a full page on his marijuana bust. But, he asked for it. I was the only reporter at the Courthouse and he tried to avoid me. But, I still "luv" him. As you older H.S. readers know, I used to feature Jan in nearly every issue. Well, he usually had a new film out when we went to press. Those were the good old days, right Jan?

The death of character actress, BEULAH BONDI really saddened me. She was one of my favorie actresses. I think you probably feel the same way. She played those grandmother roles, like what we wanted our grandmothers to be. And mine was-smile!

RAY MILLAND'S SON committed suicide. After the death of SCOTT NEWMAN, (Paul's son) and MARY TYLER MOORE's son (ruled accidental), who will be next? Ray's son, Daniel, 41, was found in his West Hollywood apartment with a bullet wound in his head.

I was sittng in the SIDESHOW LOUNGE having a couple of drinks, when a customer started talking about homosexuals. Another guy spoke up and said, "If any of those sons a bitches hit on me, I'll kill them." Well, I had enough in me to respond and I said, "Look you don't have to worry, you're so ugly you can't get a woman and I'm sure no homosexual will find you attractive either." Well, the whole bar laughed and the guy shut up.

Someone told me that CAROL BURNETT's, so called sensitivity, stating she wasn't very sensitive when she presented JOEL GRAY his Oscar. She announced to the whole world, "I knew him when he was JOEL KATZ." Grey had his nose worked on as well as changing his Jewish name, only to have it revealed by sensitive Carol, in front of viewers around the world.

GOVERNOR JERRY BROWN was recently at the famous PALOMINO BAR in North Hollywood, wearing his Stetson. The Palomino, for those who don't know, is where LINDA RONSTADT was discovered on talent night. Where else can you catch an act like TOM COON's SPOONS? Speaking of Jer, I wonder where his male Indian friend is living now that Jer's Laurel Canyon home went down the hillside during the big rains of two years ago. Just asking.

An autobiography is being written on MAE WEST by her ghost writer friend, titled, "MISLEADING LADY." Maybe she will tell what gender Mae really was? There have been many rumors that "she" was a "he."

WHATEVER HAPPENED to "THE FRONT RUNNER," the gay themed film about a track star runner whom the coach fell in love with. PAUL NEWMAN bought the rights to the best seller, but let the rights expire. I'd like to see it filmed.

A "Movie Of The Week," is in the talking stages about MacKENZIE PHILLIP's and her dad's drug addiction. Bor-r-r-ring. But, not as boring as the news about a movie being written about the National Enquirer.

Remember the terrible, "HERETIC," also called 'THE EXORCIST II,"? Well, director William Peter Blatty says he will soon be directing the real sequel for Lorimar titled, "LEGION," and it will be scarier than the original "EXORCIST." (Didn't happen did it?)

ELKE SOMMER has herpes on her ass! Well, so her Los Angeles doctor says.

Former actor, pretty boy MARK DAMON, is now making a lot of dough with his PSO film distributing company. He has been especially successful in foreign countries. Mark was well know as an actor in the fifties. (Note: Mark has since passed away.)

ROMAIN GARY, (former husband of JEAN SEBERG..BOTH COMMITTED SUICIDE THIS YEAR), was revealed as the anonymous author of "Madam Rosa." It was made into a film by Moshe Misrahi.

DIANE SCARWID, who was nominated for supporting actress for her role in "INSIDE MOVES," is making a move....back home to Savannah, Georgia. She will still work in films, but will be based in her home town. She's currently filming, "MOMMY DEAREST," the JOAN CRAWFORD biography, written by Crawford's daughter and starring FAYE DUNAWAY. (The film that practically killed Dunaway's career.)

MICHELLE PHILLIPS, who made DENNIS HOPPER marry her before he could fuck her, (years ago), is pregnant...and not married. The Dennis Hopper marriage lasted one week.

A recent story said KATE JACKSON was divorcing ANDREW STEVENS because he is a lousy actor! Well, being somewhat expertise in recognizing talent, real talent, I'd like to say ANDREW STEVENS is one of the most talented actors in Hollywood. I had the privilege of watching him film, "THE BASTARD," at Universal Studios and his concentration and efforts were very stimulating and exciting to watch. Andrew should have become a big star and is now a director and film producer.

The reason LIZA MINNELLI didn't show at "La Cage Aux Folles" after one of her Greek theater performances, is because "she went to a party that had some good shit there," said Marcus Erectus, a male stripper at the Queen Mary.

I wonder who will inherit GEORGE JESSEL's porno collection? I've heard it was unbelievable. Jessel, at one time, was considering backing this paper! George's advance man, George Maines, was from my home town, Flint, Michigan, and he had managed to get "Variety" the Hollywood trade paper, for my bookstore, on a direct basis. I was the only store in Flint that carried it. He had also authored a book, "Hollywood Legman." I'd like to locate those showbiz LPs that Jessel narrated years ago. They were classics.

I've been told that murdered photographer, Chris Tripp, had other celebrity nude photos other than those of RICHARD HATCH. Also, a few are hardcore action shots! Whether his brother will throw them away or try to profit by them is another question.His brother lives in Malibu and is more interested in catching Tripp's murderer than anything else. Chris advertised for red headed tricks, in gay tabloids, and was murdered by one. Tripp had sold us photos for our other publication, "GAYBOY." I had talked to him a week or so before his murder. He was going to sell us the Richard Hatch nude photos. The killer stole his motorcycle and the police told me they couldn't find it. But, through our investigations, we learned that the motorcycle had been abandoned in Burbank and had been locked up in police storage. They didn't even check to see that it was Tripp's motorcycle. I guess they never cared if a gay man's killer was ever caught. Of course the fingerprints on the motorcycle had been compromised.

JON VOIGHT seems to have been around JANE FONDA a bit too long. I hate to see stars getting involved in politics. Either a movie career, or a political one, right. Did you hear that Ronald baby? Well, politicians have always been actors anyway.

W.C. FIELDS kept his library in his......bathroom.

CHARLES BRONSON said his family was so poor when he was a kid, that when he started school, he had to wear his sister's dresses, which she had outgrown.

JAYNE MARIE MANSFIELD, daughter of Jayne, is in a current girlie magazine, doing all kinds of posin' but she doesn't show her Pussy.

I just got static from the Lee Strasberg Institute regarding a story about a student who masturbated on stage for an improvisation titled, In Your Private Moments. I was told to print a retraction that this didn't occur and that it was irresponsible on my part. Well, Ma'm, not only won't I retract the statement, which is true, but I would like an apology from you. You should have investigated before you told me I was jerking off in print. Now, after further investigating, I have the name of the instructor of the class, at that particular time, as well as the name of the student. And that your threats that you would fire everyone in the office if they didn't tell you who it was that told very childish. And although I wasn't present at that particular time (I wish I had been) I did witness a near pornographic scene between LINDA HAYNES and a black actor. Linda had co-starred with PAUL NEWMAN in, "THE DROWNING POOL."

ANGIE DICKINSON says the $25,000 per week salary isn't enough for her POLICE WOMAN she will get more.

A certain hustler claims to have TOM SNYDER's phone number in his little trick book. Tom is the host of the "TOMORROW SHOW." Is this true, TONY DIAZ?

DIDYOUKNOW, comedian TOTIE FIELDS had actually died after she had her leg amputated due to phlebitis? Her heart stopped beating for a short period but the doctors were able to bring her back to life. (Totie died later from other operations.)

What was gold medalist, MARK SPITZ, doing in Montreal at that gay party thrown by a politician whom nobody knows is gay? And who was the guy with him, and where was his wife? Maybe he went stag to the Olympics in Canada? Mark was wearing white slacks and a blue blazer. And the party wasn't thrown by a mere politician, but a government official! Mark was also seen at a gay bar, the Mon Ami (my friend). Our informer also tells us in detail, of his sexual affair with RICHARD CHAMBERLAIN, when Dick was touring in a roadshow. He further stated that JOHN F. KENNEDY's son, (John-John), was seen three months ago on Fire Island with a known, blond haired, gay guy. But, he was soon discovered, as to who he was, and he left quick. He was also seen at another gay section of the Island called "down in the pines." Oh yeh, the party was at Allan's, whomever Allan is.

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